Traveler's Journal

My first venture into leatherworking since I was a kid. I made this for my girlfriend who's going to Mexico for a month – she keeps travel diaries, so I figured I'd (try to) make her one. Materials From »

Modded Xbox 360

In college I started lurking around some message boards devoted to console modding, and eventually decided to try my hand at it. My 360 at the time was well into its second life after red ringing and being repaired. Build »

Serenity Common Area

This poor scene just won't rest in peace. This was one of my first big-time interior projects I ever attempted in 3D. It started in Maya in early 2013 (!). I moved it to Cinema 4D last year, and opened it »

Sunlit Kitchen

My latest attempt at reasonably realistic arch-viz. The layout and lighting were inspired by a brief shot in an IBM commercial, which I'll never find again. Lighting The focus on this one was learning to light with visible, highly diffused »

Memphis Subway Scroll

It turns out these are a popular, somewhat kitschy piece of art on Etsy, but I didn't run across one until last year when I was looking for some reference for a 3D arch-viz project. I thought it would be »