Sunlit Kitchen

My latest attempt at reasonably realistic arch-viz. The layout and lighting were inspired by a brief shot in an IBM commercial, which I'll never find again.


The focus on this one was learning to light with visible, highly diffused sunlight like you'd get on an overcast day. The goal was to light the whole scene without any clipped whites or flooding light.

clay render


Since I was focusing on lighting on this one, I used a lot of prefab textures. The stainless steel was composited entirely in photoshop for the dishwasher, but the microwave was about 50% in-render.

final render

If wasn't too lazy, I'd go back and add geometry to the back wall so the bump on the bricks would look better around the window frame. Oh well.

Bonus Shot

The original composition was pretty tightly planned, but I did manage to snag this alternative angle of the faucet, which was my favorite piece to build.

kitchen alt